Mitsubishi Software

Mitsubishi Software


Mitsubishi Software (شرکت فنی مهندسی افشار)

Free A, Q, F, Alpha2, Melsec and FX software.

Use With: Alpha 2 Programmable Relay
Restrictions: no communication with Alpha Controller (Requires user name and password for download)

GX Developer:
Use With: MELSEC QnA/QnAS/System Q and FX PLCs
Restrictions: 1000 steps

iQ Works:
Includes Navigator, GX Wroks 2, MT Works 2 and GT Works3.
Use With: Q, F and L Series PLCs.
60 Day Trial. No Known Restrictions

Other Mitsubishi software can be found by logging into  you must first register, but it’s pretty painless.

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